Vol 16, No 4 (2012)

Blended Course Design: A Synthesis of Best Practices Patricia McGee Abby Reis Multidimensional Assessment of Blended Learning: Maximizing Program Effectiveness Based on Student and Faculty Feedback Orly Calderon Amy Patraka Ginsberg Liz Ciabocchi Using a Generalized Checklist to Improve Student Assignment Submission Times in an Online Course Terence Cavanaugh Marcia L. Lamkin Haihong (Helen) Hu A Comparison of Non-Mandatory Online Dialogic Behavior in Two Higher Education Blended Environments Paul Gorsky Avner Caspi Ina Blau Interaction in an Asynchronous Online Course: a Synthesis of Quantitative Predictors Daniel Zingaro Murat Oztok Interpersonal Interaction in Online Learning: Experienced Online Instructors’ Perceptions of Influencing Factors Cindy S. York Jennifer C. Richardson

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Patricia McGee, Abby Reis
Orly Calderon, Amy Patraka Ginsberg, Liz Ciabocchi
Terence William Cavanaugh, Marcia L. Lambkin, Haihong (Helen) Hu
Sue Y. McGorry
Cindy S. York, Jennifer C Richardson
Paul Gorsky, Avner Caspi, Ina Blau
Daniel Zingaro, Murat Oztok
Katrina A. Meyer, Stephanie J. Jones