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Buelow, Janet R, Armstrong State University (United States)
Buki, Lydia P.
Bullen, Mark (Canada)
Bullock, Cheryl
Bunk, Jennifer, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Bunton, Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (United States)
Burch, Barbra, Quality Matters
Burdette, Paula J., National Association of State Directors of Special Education (United States)
Burgess, Melissa, American Public University System (United States)
Burkle, Martha, NSERC/iCore Research Chair Associate Centre for Distance Education Instructor Athabasca University Defining the competency profile of learners and instructors online (Canada)
Burnaska, Kristine
Burton, Ed. D., Christie H., Clayton State University (United States)
Byrne, Virginia L, Morgan State University (United States)
Byrnes Jr., David James, Boise State University (United States)


Cain, Darrell L.
Caines, Autumm Lee Ann, Capital University (United States)
Calderon, Orly, Long Island University Orly Calderon, PsyD Long Island University, CW Post Campus 720 Northern Boulevard, Brookville, NY 11548 Phone: 516-299-3497 Fax: 516-299-3911 Email: (United States)
Calhoun, Cheryl D, Santa Fe College
Call-Cummings, Megan, George Mason University (United States)
Caltabiano, Nerina, Discipline of Psychology, College of Healthcare Sciences, James Cook University, Australia
Campbell, J. O.
Campbell, Maria, University of Central Florida
Campbell, Olin
Campbell, Susan, George Mason University (United States)
Campos, Milton
Cancilla, Devon A.
Carey, Rebecca
Carpenter, Cari
Carr, Caleb T., Illinois State University School of Communication (United States)
Carswell, Linda
Carter, Jr., Richard Allen, University of Kansas (United States)
Cartner, Helen C., Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)
Carver, Lin, Saint Leo University (United States)
Cascaval, Radu C.
Caspi, Avner, Open University of Israel (Israel)
Cass, David, University of Colorado, Boulder Uvize Inc. (United States)
Cassisi, Jeffrey, University of Central Florida (United States)
CastaƱeda, Daniel A., Modern and Classical Languages (Spanish), Kent State University at Stark,
Cate, Chris Andrew, Student Veterans of America (United States)
Cates, Michelle L., Florida State University
Cavanagh, Thomas B., University of Central Florida (United States)
Cavanaugh, Joseph, Wright State University - Lake Campus
Cavanaugh, Joseph K.
Cavanaugh, Terence William, University of North Florida, College of Education and Human Services (United States)
Chae, Chungil, The Pennsylvania State University
Chaloux, Bruce
Chambers, Chawanna B., George Mason University (United States)
Champagne, Mary T.
Chang, Bo, Ball State University (United States)
Chappel, Helen
Chappell, Shanan, Old Dominion University (United States)
Chavkin, Nancy Feyl, Texas State University (United States)
Chen, Baiyun
Chen, Baiyun, University of Central Florida (United States)
Chen, Cheng-Chia Brian, University of Illinois Springfield
Chen, Cheng-Chia (Brian), University of Illinois Springfield (United States)
Chen, Ken-Zen, National Chiao-Tung University
Chen, Mengyi, Center for Student Success, Harding University (United States)
Chen, Victor Der-Thanq
Chen, Xin
Chen, Ye, Syracuse University (United States)
Cheney, Amy, Appalachian State Univeristy (United States)
Cheney, Matthew
Cheng, Jiaming, Syracuse University
Cheng, Zui, Southern University of Science and Technology (China)
Chenoweth, Lillian
Cherney, Maura R., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (United States)
Chiasson, Karl, University of North Dakota, School of Medicine & Health Sciences 231 Centennial Drive Stop 7189 Grand Forks, North Dakota 58202
Chien, Hsiang-yu (United States)
Chien, Hsiang-Yu, Texas A&M University (United States)
Childs, Merilyn
Chilson, Jodi, Boise State University
Ching, Yu-Hui, Boise State University (United States)
Chingos, Matthew M., Brookings Institution (United States)
Chisum, Ruth, Sam Houston State Univerity
Choi, Jinnie, Pearson
Ciabocchi, Elizabeth, St. John's University (United States)
Ciabocchi, Liz, Long Island University Liz Ciabocchi, EdD Long Island University, University Center 700 Northern Boulevard, Brookville, NY 11548 Phone: 516-299-3990 Fax: 516-299-4064 Email: (United States)
Clark, Cynthia, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (United States)
Clark, Kevin, George Mason University (United States)
Clark, Melody
Clarke, Lane Whitney, University of New England (United States)
Cleveland-Innes, Martha, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Athabasca University (Canada)
Cleveland-Innes, Martha
Cleveland-Innes, Martha, Athabasca University KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Canada)
Cleveland-Innes, Marti, Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes Athabasca University Professor and Chair Centre for Distance Education Athabasca University (Canada)
Cobb, Clara, University of Central Florida (United States)
Cochrane, Thomas Donald
Cohen, Alex, Drexel University (United States)
Cohen, Alex, Alex Cohen is currently a Ph.D. student in marketing at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University where his research focuses on accessibility marketing. Prior to beginning his doctoral program, Alex taught courses as an adjunct professor in Drex (United States)
CohenMiller, A.S., Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan)
Cohn, Rhea, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences School of Nursing
Cole, Andrew William, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (United States)
Collins, Royce Ann, Kansas State University (United States)
Colwell, Jamie, Old Dominion University (United States)
Conaway, Wendy, Ashford University (United States)
Conrad, Dianne
Conway, Katherine Wladis, c/o Katherine, Borough of Manhattan Community College at the City University of New York (United States)
Conway, Katherine M., Borough of Manhattan Community College at the City University of New York (United States)
Cook, Vickie S, University of Illinois Springfield (United States)

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