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McCauley, Joyce K., Sam Houston State University (United States)
McClannon, Terry W., Appalachian State University (United States)
McCracken, Fawn E., Crown College (United States)
McCracken, Holly, Capella University (United States)
McDaniel, Rudy, University of Central Florida (United States)
McDaniels, Melissa, The Graduate School Michigan State University (United States)
McDonald, Paige, Assistant Professor of Clinical Research and Learning at The George Washington University. (United States)
McDonald, Paige, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
McDonald, Paige A, The George Washington University
McDuffie, Georgia
McEwen, Marylyn
McGee, Patricia, The University of Texas at San Antonio Educational Psychology 501 Cesar Chavez San Antonio, TX 78208 512-289-4464 (United States)
McGorry, Sue Y. (United States)
McKee, Holly, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
McKenna, Barbara M., Purdue Global University (United States)
McKerlich, Ross
McKinney, Brinda Kay, Arkansas State University (United States)
McMorland, Gabriel, University of Pittsburgh (United States)
McNally, Darragh, University of Maryland University College (United States)
McNeal, Larry
McQuiggan, Carol A., Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg
Mechur Karp, Melinda, Assistant Director at the Community College Research Center Teachers College, Columbia University
Mehlberg, Stacy, Seattle Pacific University (United States)
Meinzen-Derr, Jareen, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (United States)
Mentzer, Bruce D, Liberty University (United States)
Merillat, Linda, Washburn University (United States)
Meskill, Carla
Meyer, Katrina A., University of Memphis (United States)
Meyer, Katrina A., University of Memphis 310 Browning Hall Memphis, TN 48152
Meyer, Katrina A., University of Memphis
Meyer, Katrina A.
Meyer-Griffith, Katherine, University of Tampa (United States)
Meyers, Shelly, Stockton University (United States)
Mihlbauer, Lisa, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (United States)
Millacci, Ann M.
Millam, Loretta A., Purdue Global University (United States)
Miller, Chris
Miller, Melinda G., United States Air Force Academy
Miller, RoseAnn, Center for Comparative Epidemiology College of Veterinary Medicine Michigan State University (United States)
Miller, Teresa Northern, Department of Educational Leadership Kansas State University Bluemont Hall 303 Manhattan, KS 66506 785-532-5609 FAX: 785-532 7304 (United States)
Miller, Tracy, Northern Illinois University (United States)
Milman, Natalie B., George Washington University (United States)
Ming, Norma (United States)
Moloney, Jacqueline F.
Moore, Janet C.
Moore, Janet C. (United States)
Morotti, Allan A, University of Alaska Fairbanks (United States)
Morris, Michael L.
Moskal, Patsy, Associate Director, Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness University of Central Florida (United States)
Moskal, Patsy, University of Central Florida (United States)
Moskal, Patsy
Moskal, Patsy, Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness University of Central Florida
Moskal, Patsy, University of Central Florida
Moss, Jacqueline A., The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Motel, Laura, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (United States)
Muhkerjee, Keya, Saint Leo University
Mulhern, Christine, ITHAKA (United States)
Muniafu, Max Maina, United States International University (Kenya)
Murphy, Cheryl A., University of Arkansas (United States)
Murray, Elizabeth
Murrell, Vicki, University of Memphis
Murrell, Vicki S., University of Memphis
Musgrove, Ann, Florida Atlantic University (United States)


Nachowitz, Marc, Miami University (United States)
Nadasen, Denise D, University of Maryland University College (United States)
Naismith, Laura, University Health Network, Toronto Western Hospital (Canada)
Napier, Nanette P. (United States)
Narguizian, Paul, California State University, Los Angeles
Nestor, MaryAnne, Kent State University (United States)
Neu, Victoria, University at Buffalo, State University of New York (United States)
Newberry, Ruth, Duquesne University (United States)
Newcombe, Ellen (United States)
Newhouse, Noelle, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (United States)
Nicolini, Kristine M., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (United States)
Nielsen, Crystal, Boise State University
Niemiec, Mary
Nolan, Kimberly, Community College of Vermont
Northcote, Maria, Avondale College of Higher Education (Australia)
Nunn, Sandra, University of Phoenix (United States)
Nunnery, John, Old Dominion University (United States)


O'Dwyer, Carolyn
Oakley, Barbara Ann, Oakland University (United States)
Oakley, Burks
Oates, Briony
Okimoto, Hae, University of Hawaii System
Olesova, Larisa, George Mason University (United States)
Olesova, Larissa A
Olmos, Martin, University of Wollongong (Australia)
OLPAK, Yusuf Ziya, Ahi Evran University
Olson, Joann S., University of Houston-Victoria (United States)
Orcutt, Janice Marie, The University of the West Indies (United States)
Orozco, Monica, Florida Atlantic University (United States)
Otte, George
Oviatt, Darin R, Brigham Young University (United States)
Owens-Nicholson, Dawn, Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Oxholm, Carl
Oztok, Murat, OISE - University of Toronto
O’Brien, Alexander, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (United States)
O’Dwyer, Laura M.

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