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Lacher, Anna Piacentini (United States)
Ladyshewsky, Richard, Curtin University Curtin Business School (Australia)
Lajoie, Susanne P, McGill University (Canada)
Lamb, Anne, Harvard University (United States)
Lambkin, Marcia L., University of North Florida, College of Education and Human Services (United States)
Lancaster, Matthew K, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT West Yorkshire U.K. (United Kingdom)
Lange, Adam, Ellucian (United States)
Larkin, Ingle, Kennesaw State University (United States)
Larson, Richard (United States)
LaVoie, Nadezhda Noelle
Lee, Donghun (Don), Seattle Pacific University (United States)
Lee, Hea-Jin, The Ohio State University-Lima (United States)
Lee, Minyoung, University of Central Florida (United States)
Lee, Reba-Anna (United States)
Lee, Vera, Drexel University (United States)
Lee-Post, Anita, University of Kentucky
Lepak, Susan Gallagher, University of Wisconsin (UW) -Green Bay (United States)
Leung, Yamme
Levine, Alissa
Lewis, David, University of Miami (United States)
Lewis, Somer
Li, Rui, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Lim, Jieun, Purdue University (United States)
Lin, Lin (United States)
Lin, Peiyi, Teachers College, Columbia University (United States)
Linton, Jayme N., Lenoir-Rhyne University (United States)
List, Alexandra, Ball State University
Liu, Ying-Hsiu (United States)
LoCasale-Crouch, Jennifer, University of Virginia
Lochbaum, Karen
Loizzo, Jamie, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lokey-Vega, Anissa, Kennesaw State University
Lokey-Vega, Anissa
Lowe, Denise, University of Central Florida (United States)
Lowenthal, Patrick R., Boise State University
Lowenthal, Patrick R., Boise State University (United States)
Lowes, Susan, Institute for Learning Technologies Teachers College/Columbia University (United States)
Lowes, Susan, Teachers College, Columbia University (United States)
Lucio, Robert, Saint Leo University
Lumpe, Andrew, Seattle Pacific University (United States)
Lunney, RN, PhD, Margaret
Luo, Heng, John A. Dutton E-Education Institute, The Pennsylvania State University (United States)
Lyon, Betsy
Lyons, Laurie, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

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