Online Education to Develop Complex Reasoning Skills in Organic Chemistry

Patricia Shapley


Chemistry 331 is an upper level organic chemistry course for students interested in health-related careers with an enrollment of approximately 150 students per semester. It assumes that students have a basic knowledge of organic chemistry principles and concepts and it builds on this base with advanced concepts in organic synthesis, mechanism of reactions, and spectroscopy with a biological perspective. Three years ago we moved to an online format to better serve the needs of students with disparate backgrounds and to help them master the concepts and applications of organic chemistry at an advanced level. The course includes online lectures with embedded problems, computer-graded quizzes, and online discussion sections.  he exams are in the standard format and are proctored on campus or in off-campus testing centers. The format of the course increases flexibility for the students, increases interaction among students and between students and faculty, and improves student performance on examinations that require complex reasoning skills.


Online Education,Complex Reasoning Skill,Chemistry

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