A Model for On-Line Learning Networks in Engineering Education

J. R. Bourne, A. J. Brodersen, J. O. Campbell, M. M. Dawant, R. G. Shiavi


This paper describes a model for implementing online learning in engineering education. Relationships between traditional learning strategies and network-enabled engineering education are discussed. The model proposed is based on a World Wide Web implementation that includes presentation materials, online conferencing, demonstrations, and interactive capabilities that permit computer-mediated question and answer sessions. An example of a course implemented using these techniques for a first year engineering course is given. Guidance for engineering educators who wish to implement components of the model is provided.


Learning Model,Network Model,Online Course,Networked Education

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Copyright (c) 2019 J. R. Bourne, A. J. Brodersen, J. O. Campbell, M. M. Dawant, R. G. Shiavi