Advancing Pedagogy: Evidence for the Role of Online Instructor Training in Improved Pedagogical Practices

Kristin Koepke, Alexander O’Brien


An Online Instructor Training program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse provides a three-week asynchronous training, focused on design, delivery, and facilitation of online courses. OIT trainees from 2010 and 2011 participated in a three-phase evaluation of the OIT. In Phase I, common conceptions (myths) about online education were assessed both pre and post OIT. In Phase II, trainees provided data about how OIT influenced the implementation of new pedagogical strategies in their online courses, as well as in their face-to-face courses. In Phase III, trainees provided additional in-depth qualitative data about the pedagogical themes that surfaced in their courses as a result of the OIT. Results indicate that OIT significantly changed trainees’ beliefs about some common conceptions (myths) of online education, and that OIT led to a significant increase in the implementation of 21 of 21 pedagogical strategies in online courses, and 5 of 21 pedagogical strategies in face-to-face courses.


faculty development; pedagogy; online instructor training; evidence-based research; best practices in online teaching


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