Design of an Online Curriculum Promoting Transformative Learning in Post Professional Doctoral Students

Ingrid Mary Provident, Joyce Salls, Cathy Dolhi, Jodi , Schreiber, Amy Mattila, Emily Eckel


Written reflections of 113 occupational therapy clinical doctoral students who graduated from an online program between 2007 and 2013 were analyzed for themes which reflected transformative learning and characteristics of curricular design which promoted transformative learning. Qualitative analyses of written reflections were performed. Several themes emerged which are presented using the framework of Person/Learner, Environment/Learning Context, and Occupation/Engagement in Learning Activities. Strategies such as active learning; assignments that directly apply to students’ work settings; implementation of a cohort model; and use of reflection, dialog, and project implementation appear to be effective in facilitating transformative learning in an online clinical doctoral program.


Online curriculum; transformative learning; doctorate education

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