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The acronym TLC has typically stood for tender loving care. With the influx of technology into the lives of millions, it might appear that TLC is in short supply; however, the League for Innovation in the Community College has taken this notion of TLC and initiated TLC—Transformational Learning Connections—with the objectives of participation, engagement, and collaboration. TLC’s content supports and endorses the promotional reference to Innovation-at-Your-Fingertips through its web-based, anytime-anywhere resource connection between creators of community college innovations and those interested in adopting them. This article presents the seven TLC features—Innovation Express, TLC Forum, Learning Links, Innovation Database, League Connections, Resources on the Web, and the Innovations Online Conference—and the most recent evolution: Innovation Stream or iStream. iStream includes additions such as online conferences, forums, and iStream Radio, which will host a range of programs, interviews, lectures, and seminars with community college leaders.


E-Learning,E-Knowledge,Asynchronous Learning

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