Maintaining Academic Performance and Student Satisfaction during the Remote Transition of a Nursing Obstetrics Course to Online Instruction

Elizabeth Riley, Natalie Capps, Nicole Ward, Leslie McCormack, Judy Staley


This study explores the effect of rapidly transitioning an in-person pre-licensure nursing specialty course to remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. The redesign included the following learning technologies: live and recorded whiteboard lectures with Socratic-style questioning, electronic audience response systems, remote simulations, and virtual unfolding case studies to replace didactic and clinical learning experiences. Quantitative results indicate that learning quality was sustained, with no significant difference in students’ course performance or satisfaction. These specific technologies can be utilized in any discipline-specific course during emergency remote instruction to promote essential student-to-student and faculty-to-student interactivity.


course evaluation, emergency remote instruction, pre-licensure nursing, technology

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