A Study of Personal Information Management Strategies for Online Faculty

Lorna R. Kearns, Barbara A. Frey, Christinger Tomer, Susan Alman


The literature suggests that personal information management is a serious challenge for many computer users. Online faculty are especially challenged because of the large number of electronic files necessitated by teaching online. Those who have experience in this environment may offer valuable insights regarding information management challenges and practices. Faculty who teach online courses as part of the WISE (Web-based Information Science Education) Consortium responded to a survey that questioned the ways they manage email, computer desktop, Web-based information and learning management systems. The authors concluded that “filter failure” rather than information overload is the key issue in information management. The study concludes with a list of recommendations for faculty to manage their personal information.


Personal Information Management; Online Learning; Online Teaching; Faculty Workload

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24059/olj.v18i1.296

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