Strategies to Increase Online Student Success for Students with Disabilities

Kristen Betts, Alex Cohen, Daniel Veit, Henry C. Alphin, Chanel Broadus


Online education provides extensive opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enroll in degree and certificate programs. However, accessibility must be a key component of online program development since this can have a profound affect on student engagement in and outside of the online classroom, academic performance, and completion rates. This article provides a unique perspective on accessibility in online education. One current online student and three alumni of online programs provide video self-introductions, an overview of their online experience., and strategies for increasing student success in online courses and programs for students with disabilities. Strategies are also shared for integrating accessibility as a critical component within faculty development to ensure accessibility goes beyond the Office of Disability Services and becomes an integral part of online teaching, learning, and assessment.


Online education, distance education, access, accessibility, disability, engagement, retention, attrition, student success, program development, faculty development

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