Creating Open Education Resources for Teaching and Community Development through Action Research: An Overview of the Makerere AgShare Project

John B. Kaneene, Paul Ssajjakambwe, Stevens Kisaka, RoseAnn Miller, John D. Kabasa


The AgShare Phase I Program, conducted at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, was created to create open education resources for teaching and community development through action research. The study was conducted by an interdisciplinary team of investigators from fields of veterinary medicine and agri-business. Two Master of Science students conducted dairy value chain action research that produced case materials that were used to create OER course modules (milk hygiene and marketing modules), and design interventions that would improve milk production, quality and safety, reduce milk spoilage, increase prices received by farmers, and support on-farm processing of yogurt and other dairy products. This research was used in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Master’s degree in Livestock Development, Planning and Management (MLD) and the Master’s degree in Agri-business Management (M Agbus Mgt) by these students. The conceptual design, implementation, monitoring, and impacts of action research on teaching, students learning, and the dairy industry are discussed in detail.


Open Education Resources; Action Research; Higher Education; Community Development, Dairy Value Chain; Milk Quality and Safety; Agri-business Management

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