Revised Community of Inquiry: Examining Learning Presence in a Blended Mode of Delivery

Jessica Pool, Gerda Reitsma, Dirk Van den Berg


Abstract This paper presents a study grounded in the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework using qualitative content analysis and focus group interviews in an effort to identify aspects of learning presence in a blended learning course. Research has suggested that the CoI framework may need additional emphasis based on the roles of strategic learners in online environments. Consequently, this qualitative study investigated the extent to which learning presence, the fourth presence of the CoI framework, manifested itself in a blended mode of delivery. The specific focus was on learning presence and how it precipitated in a blended-learning environment. Findings from the study indicated that a lack of self-regulation skills, such as time-management, coordination, and management of tasks, influenced the learning presence and required a stronger teaching presence. We concluded that self-regulation skills are supportive of effective learning in a blended learning environment.


blended learning, community of inquiry, learning presence, self-regulation skills

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